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R.I.P – Small and Medium Enterprises, Tamil Nadu

Thanks to the rising power cut, most of all the small and medium industries in Tamil Nadu have already shut shop. This year, there has been a significant reduction in industrial output as well as agricultural output from T.N.

Kanchipuram the famous destination for silk sarees, Tripura the famous destination for T-Shirts et all are waiting endlessly for power.


To add insult to injury, the activism against industries, factories, dieing units are ensuring the final nail is punched on the coffins of TN industry and put to rest once and for all. . My communists frineds who are all in the Facebook,  happily forgetting it as an AMERICAN CORPORATE and accessing it in their MADE IN CHINA laptops/ipads/iphones etc and who patriotically rise their fist against capitalism and target small and medium industries in Tamil Nadu and ensure nothing would ever be stamped with MADE IN TAMIL NADU/INDIA, please do listen – Already there are huge influx of products from china and pushed into the hands of all tamil people with the stamp MADE IN CHINA.

Have a look at the  ‘kosu ‘ bat, the mobile phones which are owned by poor tamil famers/people or even the smart phones like Apple and even cheap grinders, mixies, toys et all…ah forgot even the solar panels doesn’t have the tag MADE IN TAMIL NADU , they are all MADE IN CHINA.

Naanga Jaaychitommm!!!

I never mind Sterlite getting closed. Since Vendantta has enough acumen to shift their factory to china but do you think the small dieing units, the small power hand loom units have acumen to shift their factory to china or any where else in India for that matter ?. Dear Facebook communist friends..they have no where to go. ( A point to consider – Doesn’t Indian Railways often cause accidents and provide only ‘ compensation ‘? Shouldn’t they be asked to shut down?)


But then never worry. Tamil Nadu will now become famous for free TV, free mixie, free grinder, free laptop and all the more important free electricity(not kiddding its there in the promises). Coupled with 100 days of labour provided by the center with the most efficient PDS system, and forgot to mention the various ‘RIGHTS’ –  Right to food, Right to Education etc added with now famous  ‘ AMMA HOTELS ‘   will ensure every tamilan will now be given hand-to-mouth survival. Yes the future is here.

Govt shall give,  MADE IN CHINA Kanchipuram pattu sarree, MADE IN CHINA dindugal pootu for FREEE and we shall have 100 days of labor and eat to our full in AMMA Hotel.

Well, the govt promised that they would work on war footing but never imagined this was the plan.

So, the message :  R.I.P – SME, TN.

R.I.P – TN Industry

Hell!!, even the coffin would be MADE IN CHINA!!