You should not wear that. You should not show those. You should not enter bar. You shouldn’t come out. You should not dance. You should not move with men at night. You should confine yourself indoors at night. You should not do that. You should not be that. You should not say that. You should not be over men you should be under them. If you dont comply by these standards ye shall be named as a BITCH and you will be beaten black and blue. And even gang raped. Reason : NOT OUR CULTURE.

Animales under the coat of religion and culture beat, threaten, demoralize our women . Girls are strippen off their basic freedom and have to comply themselves to the rules and regulations of Animales. This culture of our’s – MORAL POLICING is the real cause of the heinous delhi gang rape incident. The pillars of our democracy the police, the judiciary and the parliament have given a deaf ear and a blind eye to this terrorism called as MORAL POLICING.

Every time when feb 14 nears girls are beaten, coaxed, threatened out. Reason being LOVE. As per them it is western culture and not our culture. Why not even a political leader went on record saying rapes only occur in cities where modern culture is practiced and rapes don’t occur in villages. When such things come from our politicians, it is really really worse.

Its high time our govt realizes that MORAL POLICING is a crime against women and the perpetrators of such crime should be be booked and punished. Severe law should be mandated to drive away this crime against women – MORAL POLICING. Political parties that directly or indirectly supports moral policing should be banned from contesting elections

Let girls be given the freedom that is right fully theirs. Let them live and let them love. Let Animaleism be conquered through love.



[Event] D.A.M – Design, Art, Music

Thanks to the chennai community. I did get quite a  lot of opportunities to attend various events and even organize some. This has made me to fall in love with organizing and attending events like seminars and workshops. Off late, there has been quite a lot of talks in events. Thanks to various Tedx for that. Out of the blue, D.A.M seems to stand out with lot of galla, and maja.

D.A.M – Design, Arts and Music is an event where ammalgamation of Artists, Designers and Musicians going to occur. Its simply going to be a CREATIVE FESTIVAL. Creative knowledge sharing on Heritage crafts, cultures and indeginous creative packages is all set to occur. Hands on creative activities, edufun interactive design and art, creative games, design and art exhibition and music band is all set to rock out in the event. Why not there is also a jalsa- salsa session to put giggles on your face. Why miss it??

Its happening on Jan 19th and Jan 20th in the green fields of Aroville, Pondicherry. Be at the D.A.M and do the DAM. Miss the fun at your own peril.

My friends who are interested in Design,Art and  Music, ensure you dont miss this. For more info click this



Economics, India

The next biggest reform since 1991.

1991 – the year that changed the way we think, work, buy and sell once and for all . Scrapping up of the license raj and opening up of the economy was all spearheaded and executed by the duo – Manmohan Singh and  Narasimha Rao. But still MMS has been regarded as the God father of reforms and was called as the Deng Xiaoping of India. Today the Prime Minister MMS has been through a tough time and has been criticized across the spectrum. But he has silently scripted out a revolution that would change India once and for all – Direct Cash Transfer and Aadhar.

Aadhar and Direct cash transfer will create a new cash less economy in India. A new way of transaction is all set to be unleashed.  Aadhar which is linked to a bank account would help people to do transaction through their mobile phones itself. This would unleash a new unfound opportunities. There are huge number of people who are inaccessible,  after aadhar all those people would become available in touch of a button. This would create new opportunities, new business models would come up creating more jobs so on and so forth.

Along with it, FDI in retail has been passed through. And am so sorry for all the communists who have equated FDI in retail == Walmart. Well, they are missing the whole bus. With Aadhar and mobile,  e-commerce and m-commerce is going become more easier than ever before. This would throw in whole a lot of opportunities for companies like Amazon, Flip Kart and dozen other e-commerce firms. More over now they got the opportunity to raise funds from the foreign banks, foreign equity players et al. This would set up the tone for building cold chains, refrigerated vans, modern warehouses in India.

Second, there is a FDI in Pension and Insurance. Today the insurance companies face lot of challenges to reach the consumer. They have to do it, through lot of middle men who erode their margin and reaching the end user has been cumbersome. Now once your bottom of the pyramid people get empowered with Mobile+Aadhar it would  become easy for them to subscribe themselves to insurance and pension plans of their choice. With FDI allowed in it, you could now expect whole a lot of competitions in this segment which would open up new choices for the people.

And then today subsidies are given to the companies for selling their products under price especially in oil. This under pricing of a commodity seriously restricts people from innovating new products. Say if a litre of petrol is cost around Rs100 but because of subsidy it gets sold at Rs50 and you have a new bio diesel that costs only Rs70 but just because petrol is getting subsidy it would not get sold. So innovation gets hampered. More over, with DCT it would become possible to target people who are in need of subsidy rather than providing it to all creating a hollow in current account deficit.

More importantly Aadhar could give out tacit information about people in bottom of the pyramid like things they buy, when they get insurance and when they will get their harvest all based on their cash flow . This tacit information would give out the data using which analysis can be done for prediction etc.

And then the new National Investment Board which has been constituted for clearing big ticket investments is a reform in itself. This would help clear up the business proposals in quick way and thus help to make India a business friendly nation and an attractive investment destination.


Economics, India

Providing security is good economics.

Without the sense of security, people would not engage in buying/selling or do any  kind of meaningful, lawful activity that could drive up the economy. A business would not invest in a area that is prone to maoism/naxalism, people would migrate out of such lands and no economic activity would arise in such places. People live, breath, buy, sell and do activities putting their trust on hope and security. First, they trust that they are secure and second they hope that even if there are some issues, justice would be delivered unto them and they would be protected. But today,  the various rape incidents have shaken the very foundation of our security and safetyness. It has made many of our women to feel insecure. If our women and youth feel they are insecure they would not do any worthwhile activity and that would drive our economy down. Already there seems to be a mass exodus of women from Delhi.

There are 3 things that should be done to recover this .

Police – the people who are supposed to protect us have become the puppets in the hands of the government. Their transfers, promotions et al fall at the feet of our dear ‘corrupt ‘ politicians. This has led to greater security for politicians and no security for poor common people. In Tamil Nadu, poor people lands were abducted by politicians with the help of the police. And it no more breaking news to see the way police men step out of their profound duty under the pressure of political class. So the first step in order to provide proper security would be to free the police dept from the clutches of the govt.

Judicial – Our judiciary has been framed with the principal that JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED. But there are tons and tons of cases pending in our courts. Most of the privileged people find out loop holes in our law system and often escape out. There is absolutely no point in having too many laws and tough laws but nothing gettting executed. Prior to strengthing of rape laws et al, our judiciary should be reformed and the delivery of justice should be fast-tracked.

Technology – I guess preventing such heinious crimes from happening is far more important than having tough laws and fast-tracked judiciary. Had we had proper video-survelliance system with artificial intelligence that would alert the police, it might have saved a innocent girls life.  Today our police men are equipped with 19th century infrastrure and technology and have to prevent the crimes of 21st century. Thats a tall ask. Private sector should be encouraged to bring out state of the art technology through subsidies and low tax to help police prevent such crimes from happening.

Remember until and otherwise sense of security is provided people might not involve in any positive economic activity.

So proving proper security is always good economics.


Economics, India

2012- a year that went by.

2011 – A year of SCAMS, the year in which Anna Hazare became an idol, the year in which UPA bitted the dust, the year of policy paralysis, high inflation and low industrial outputs which left the whole economy in the doldrums.

India Inc entered the year 2012 with never ending woes, gloom and distress

2012 – The year got a head-start with the supreme court cancelling out 122 pan india telecom licence that was given away in a controversial way, putting the whole India Inc in a quagmire.

Political thinkers, economic intellectuals were pinning their hopes on Budget 2012. As it was coming after the (U.P) elections. Reason was that,  a win for congress would have sent out a positive wave across party cadre, which would have helped in getting a bold budget. Plus, it was the election in which Gandhi scion himself put his entire weight on.

But, every thing went awry. Rahul fell at the charm and grace of Akilesh Yadav. And the Budget 2012 had absolutely NOTHING for the industry to cheer about and worst GAAR was tabled and Vodafone was asked to pay tax retrospectively. This put the entire industry and investors to loose faith on India and India’s growth story was in danger. Meanwhile, Dinesh Trivedi was asked to step down as Railway Minister and the rail fare price rise was reversed. Policy paralysis continued.

PM Manmohan Sigh came under severe criticism for his failure to lead from the front. And even Time magazine carried a cover page citing MMS as an Underachiever.

RBI decreasing Repo rate and finance ministry postponing implementation of GAAR gave some breathing space for India Inc.Then on June 15th, Pranabha got nominated as a candidate for president post. The political think tank of congress came together and out maneuvered the dangerous Mamata and ensured the safe passage of Pranadbha into Raisina Hills. This win was almost manna from heaven as it came after series of scams and  embarrassments for the congress.

As soon as Pranabji vacated the North Block, MMS swung into action. He moved swiftly on GAAR and also gave specific instruction unto the then financial secretary to REVIVE THE ANIMAL SPIRITS WITHIN THE ECONOMY. This few words from the silent man, resurrected the hope on India.

But then hell broke loose in the form of Coal Scam. This time it was at MMS himself. And BJP didnt loose any time to attack MMS and demand his resignation. Almost the whole of the monsoon session was washed out. The hope of animal spirits revival was at the dock again. Something was needed to be DONE to ensure hope remained intact.

It was under such condition, on Sept 14 the cabinet under MMS cleared the following

1. FDI in multi brand retail.
2. FDI in aviation.
3. FDI in Insurance and Pension.
4. Increse in price of Diesel.

This sent out a clear message that the government was serious about reviving the animal spirits. This even made @namo to tweet that MMS became a Singham on a single day.

Lo and Behold, it was one more time MMS showed spine and spunk and stood his ground on FDI in retail, leaving tantalising Mamtha to walk out of the alliance.

This lead to the creation of this equation.

UPA 1 : Left : Nuclear Deal = UPA II : TMC : FDI in Retail.

The congress came together on FDI in retail and political think tank in the congress ensured it pass through the vote in both houses of the parliment.

And then even the Banking Bill and the Companies bill passed through the parliment. This was the ultimate best. Since it showed, that we got past the policy paralysis.

Yes!! animal spirits got revived certainly and even we withstood the mayan calendar dooms day.

But we had to close 2012 with a sad note on the Delhi gang rape incident. It sends out shiver into our bones on the audacity of the crime and the safety of our girls. It was even more sad to know that the girl passed away despite her brave fight. She was a fighter indeed.

As the year 2012 comes to an end and as the new year is beginning, here I am –



Are social media marketing, CRM necessary for survival of buiness at al??

Today, we are living in the age of social media and mobile revolution. This has given rise to the new age business gurus who champion the cause of social media marketing, CRM etc and advocate why your business should be on Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Youtube et al and why you should do this and why you should do that for the customer etc. Some even go on to say, that your business would get boomed if you would follow their advice or else you would be doomed. And business houses in turn employ such new age business gurus to create lasting relationship with their customers and to engage with their customers and then completely FUCK OFF their customers. Well, read on to see how companies torment their customers.

A year back, I went to buy a jean in a particular branded show room in chennai. After selecting the product, I asked it to be billed. Then the customer service in there requested my name, phone number, date of birth et al saying that by becoming a member, I would get x percentage discount, special this and that blah…blah..blah..So I obliged, and gave them the necessary information they requested. And then got my item billed. Reaching home, I got a SMS from this branded store saying, “Thank you Tamas for buying our jeans”. Well, ‘Thomas’  became ‘Tamas’ for them. ‘ Since then, I am being bombarded with SMS’s, emails etc wishing me on my b’days, christmas and new year and what not??   This has completely annoyed me in such a way that, today I have gone skeptical of providing my co-ordinates to any kind of brand, whatsoever!!

Bereft of this stupid execution,  do you still believe that business houses should be on facebook, send SMS & emails and engage with customers in order to survive today’s market?? Reallly??

Well FYI, there is a kind of a famous shop in Tamil Nadu whose owner doesn’t bother to do any of these things.  Well, the shop doesn’t even have light and it docent even have a name board. Worse, it is just open for only two hours in a day. But the beauty is that the customers would stand in serpentile queue for buying its products. The more amazing thing is that, this is how it is being run for the past 30 years or so.  Well, the name of the shop is ‘irutu kadai halwa’ which is in Tirunelveli. The point is, they make delicious-delicious halwa which they can only do it. They have never tried to make their shop big or add more products in to their product line. They have religiously given everything into making delicious halwa and the result is that the customer line has got bigger and their stock would get over within hours of opening their shop. Do you think that this business need to be in Social Media or do CRM to survive?? Really??

So the lesson is –  Your Product is King. The rest are just costs.

Economics, India

Makers economy and Manufacturing 2.0

Two decades before, researching on a topic would have taken up-teen number of visits to the library, taking more time and more cost. So consequently making new products / service too costed more and took more time. But with the advent of the computer and internet, trying to learn a new skill or to conduct a research isn’t a brainer any more. Consequently, making new products has become easy. Especially, the web based apps. Today, people with DIY spirits and with a meagre capital have created web apps which has disrupted industries and created products beyond our imagination.

And, today this revolution is all about to enter the Manufacturing sector. With the advancement of Robotics , AI programming and especially 3D printing, manufacturing is all set to undergo a sea change. Once 3D printing is in, it would provide an opportunity for ordinary people to produce new innovative products in no time and almost at no cost. This would surely set a MAKERS economy in the manufacturing sector creating Manufacturing 2.0.