[Event] D.A.M – Design, Art, Music

Thanks to the chennai community. I did get quite a  lot of opportunities to attend various events and even organize some. This has made me to fall in love with organizing and attending events like seminars and workshops. Off late, there has been quite a lot of talks in events. Thanks to various Tedx for that. Out of the blue, D.A.M seems to stand out with lot of galla, and maja.

D.A.M – Design, Arts and Music is an event where ammalgamation of Artists, Designers and Musicians going to occur. Its simply going to be a CREATIVE FESTIVAL. Creative knowledge sharing on Heritage crafts, cultures and indeginous creative packages is all set to occur. Hands on creative activities, edufun interactive design and art, creative games, design and art exhibition and music band is all set to rock out in the event. Why not there is also a jalsa- salsa session to put giggles on your face. Why miss it??

Its happening on Jan 19th and Jan 20th in the green fields of Aroville, Pondicherry. Be at the D.A.M and do the DAM. Miss the fun at your own peril.

My friends who are interested in Design,Art and  Music, ensure you dont miss this. For more info click this




A for Agriculture.

Started gardening farming as a hobby in my home. My interest on this grew. And so started droogling to unravel, decipher, discover the beauty of this industry. Urban Agriculture(farming in city) is a sold concept in US, Autralia, New zealand and also in many other countries. If there is one country that stands as big example to the world in Urban Agriculture(UA) and creating sustainable city is China. Beijing is the capital city of china and despite it being one of the fastest growing economy in the world the Beijing city has  a lot of green cover. Only 20% of the city is built on and the rest 80% is being used for agricultural purposes. Now because of this, the required amount of foods that is needed to feed the city is produced in the city itself. Now vegetables/food items produced over here will be cheaper because there is almost no travel involved. Also the waste produced by the city is converted to organic manure and is used in UA. Look, the city produces food for it needs and also has infrastructure to process its own waste. Thus the city is self sustainable. This self sustainability has come because of its city planners and politicians resisting the temptation for growth. Surely lot of money can be generated if more space is allowed to be built on. But they have set up a committee to make urban agriculture more competitive and to generate more money.

Now if we look into India, Urban Planning is a mess. Few drops of rain the cities are flooded. Rivers are all polluted. No proper infrastructure for sanitation. Mosquito menace is very high. Epidemic diseases like chikengunya, malaria, dengue and many more keep coming every now and then. Cities are congested with building and now they are getting congested with fly overs and many other infrastructural developments. City limits are ever expanding and agricultural lands are getting converted into SEZ for creating state of the art polluting factories.

Well, what really pricks me is the way in which we copy the west in the name of development. West grew due to industrialization….GOOD!!! but why the hell we need to copy the same for our development. Why don’t we look into our strength and our weakness and do things accordingly for our development. India has the second highest arable land in the world after china.All types of climatic conditions are prevalent in India. And all types of soil are present. We also top in producing wheat, grains and milk. In fact India has the potential to become the food supplier to the world by 2015. Yet our farmers commit suicide because we are more cared about INDUSTRIALIZATION and INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY than AGRICULTURE.

The madness of people going for industrialization is shown in the case of Tata Motors being awarded singur for manufacturing Nano. The truth is Singur is the most fertile land in the whole of Bengal and the project site choosen by tata motors is the most fertile one in singur. The poor farmers from whom the agricultural land was forcibly confiscated were beaten up for raising their voice against the acquisition and even were fired. Now after Tata going out of singur this most fertile land is totally abandoned. Now what farmers who were dependent on this land for their income will do? Tata was able to find another land but where would these poor farmers go? Similarly, in mumbai for the expansion of the airport the government decided to destroy mangrove forests. The reason they do so is that, they do not want India to be a poor agricultural state but a rich industrialized one. Here my question is

why cant we convert India from a poor agricultural
country to a rich agricultural country?

Today for feeding people who live in cities which would be about 30% of the total population of India atleast 60% of productive land in rural area is used. Only 10 to 15% of the productive lands produce is exported. Now why IT booms. It is simply because they produce the product here and EXPORT it in other country and get a huge margin for the same. If the same thing happens in agriculture surely agriculture will start booming. But there are big regulationary laws in place for exporting agriculture produce. Reason? If there is no such regulation farmers would export all their produce and city people will not get any food to eat. In order to protect the interests of urban people, such laws arre in place which affect the farmers. This is where China is being very smart. By creating cities that could produce their own food, they could now allow 100% of the produce from rural china to be exported. Clearly they want to beat India and want to become food factory of the world. Despite having all potential we are simply not worried about this. In school days in history I learnt that India had huge amount of gold which got looted by other countries from us. I dont think that is true? We would not have valued the gold that we had and we gave it away. Similarly now we do not value the agricultural land that we have and we give it away to petty stuffs and surely later we will all cry saying that we had huge amount of agricultural land with us.

Dear policy makers, economists, industrialists kindly rethink and ensure if you make any economic sense?

My take : Agriculture is our strength. If proper measures are given to it ,it will make more money than IT and you will find marwari people entering into farming. And without correcting the grave mistakes that we have done in agriculture, India cannot have sustainable growth.


A Letter to the Prime Minister


The heart,
Indian citizen.


The Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister,

Sub : Requesting changes in the way you handle foreign affairs.

To our dismay we have found out even in this digital age you are communicating with your colleagues through letters. Though I know that you dont waste time by reading our CM Karuna’s letter I pray that you read this letter of mine as I am after-all a poor citizen who voted your party to power.

We have found that for all the pains and hardships that are caused by Pakistan on us, you go and fall on the feet of US to resolve this problem for us. As if US has the heart and the mind to do so. Despite the negligent manner in which the Pakistan responded to India on 26/11 Mumbai attacks, the US has gone and have provided financial assistance unto them. That too at a time when their own people are losing jobs and their own economy is not flourishing. Like the way Pakistan got affected by its home grown terrorism, some day or other US will get affected, only then they will realize their mistake.

The only reason why US helps Pakistan is that ,the major threat to US is not Pakistan or Terrorism, it is India. It is Indians who have taken their jobs and now Indian companies are acquiring their companies. Their county men are aging where as ours is filled with ambitious youth. Our economy is growing at a fast rate when compared to theirs and  companies are more willing to invest in India. Also it has been predicted that India will be the food supplier to the world by 2015. These are the very reasons why US needs to fear India than Pakistan or terrorism.

They may restrict H1B visa’s and increase the tax for it and their senators may talk rubbish about our company but the truth is they need the help of India if they have to grow. The number of US students graduating from college have gone down and their people are aging. It is only India which has youthful and knowledgeable workforce. Hence forth their protectionist attitude will only affect them.

India is a fertile land with youthful population and it is a land of opportunities. From a land known for mantras and spiritualism we have grown to be a land of intellectual capital. Hence forth as a humble citizen of India, I request you not to fall on the feet of US,  its now our time they will come and will fall in our feet.

Jai Hind!!
Indian Citizen


My Book Drive experience

Shuld wake up @ 6.00AM  meet raghav @ 7.00AM plan d way @7.30AM and start d drive @8.00AM was d plan I blueprinted, crafted, engineered, sketched and chalked out  in ma mind. But kame 2 no dat ragha had to drop his father in airport @7.00AM and SO all ma plans got smashed and trashed. It was a aaneye pudunga vendam moment. Stopped all ma dhinking and went 2 bed.

Woke up at 7.00 O clock on sunday, the dream day we booked for Chennai Book Drive. It was reallyyyyyy kooool outside as it had rained last ni8. d kool breeze and quiling of d birds and d squirrel made ma heart say…….inum 5 nimshum matum thoogalam…. heeding 2 ma heart I klosed ma eyes…..sluuuusssshhhh……it became 9.00AM . Kulichified, saptufied, scent adichified and make-up potufied, it bkame 10.00AM.  Ragha kalled and I started moving to r meet up point choolaimedu and it bkame 10.30AM.

I met him, discussed wht has to be done. Took photocopies of book donation porms, brought post it notes. Ragha kalled his driver, told d places of d donors and asked for d best route dat can b taken and it bkame 11.00AM. Then I said machi kall d donors first and ask them if we shall kome 2 deir home now, lets not suddenly go and stand b4 them and give shock. Accordingly ragha started kalling all d donors. Sme kept on ringing and sme gave the answer…….d number u r trying to reach is currently switched offf…….rahav looked at me and said mappu vechitangada appu……!! It bkame 12.00AM and we never moved frm dat place….have 2 tell u it was a Ena koduma sir idhu moment 4 me.

Den suddenly a kalll kame….it was frm vatsala. She askd us 2 cme to her hme and take d books…….apppadi….sme sigh of releif. Den looked, her house was at madipakkam. Hmm little longg distance but no problem…….jute vidu machi…!!!! Hurrey….chennai book drive got started…….!!!! “Saroja samma nikaloo”, FM la music. nanga chennai la rounds…yahooooo..enjoyed d ride undil Kathipara fly over…thought madipakkam would be quite nearer to dis……but we were gng gng and gng…..and it was 1.30PM almost half day over and we did not even collect 1 book. Vatsala asked me to cme near Jerusalem college I asked here and there we moved hither and thither and at last reached  college…..and the board read…..”Sree Balaji Dental College”..Ada pavingala Jerusalem college ku dhane valli ketein….Sree Balaji dental college vara vechitangale…ada kadavule…ada kadavule….It was a thambi tea inum varala moment….. kalled vatsala and said dat i am standingu here how 2 cme and den she helped out and we reached our first destination @ 2.30PM. She had wonderful books which she was willing to donate. After getting those books a small sense of happiness filled our hearts and it kicked sme energy in2 us. We greeted vatsala and her mother and moved……….

Next r loaction was Vanagaram. Ragha said machi we gotta take tamabaram-maduravoil route and get to vanagaram. Hm….it looked like next mini tour for me…..den what….start music….Radio mirchi semma hot machi…..we started going…….den we reached vanagaram. The donor was Dinesh, (g)klass mate of ragha… sme engineering books and lot of other books….again a big sigh of releif and sme added energy. It was half past 3, I and ragha didnt have luch but we kept moving. Our next location was vadapalani.

On d way to vadapalani frm vanagaram my urinary bladder got filled up and I was adakifying. We reached d destination and it was saraths friends house. Man…..we got loads of books frm him…..den only thought hmmmm Chennai Book Drive on d way 2 success. After getting it frm him….our next location was periyar nagar where there were 3 donors and it was our final destination.

We got a bit tired and raghav stopped d car near nilgris departmental store. I asked y machi he said, “ulla porul vangura madhiri poi toilet use pani da Lam da” well I said, ” oh…ok en allla adaka mudiyella”. We tried d plan and d plan worked out successfully… and we started our drive. The next donor happened 2 b raghav’s relative. Avulothan gemmi channel was switched on….yemmendi…kuchandi…pinni……enaku onum puriala…….but here we got tons of books…..yes you read it right we got tons…..

Then again frm next donor we got lot of java j2ee sql books frm…I suppose they r software engineers….and then frm next donor which was d last one we got primary school books and engineering books. As soon as we got d books frm dem, it meant a great journey was done and a big relief for me.

Also there were many prends who said machi dont waste time by coming to ma home da, I myself shall come to your home and give it. Accordingly some of my friends came to ma home and gave  their books. At 1st I  thought, chennai book drive was a complete failiure but thank god it wasnt so…got more dan 100 books.

Now d next imp dhing is to take these books in2 d hands of the needy children.
My job is half done. STILL A LOOOOONG WAY 2 GOOOOOO!!!!

P.S :

Gokul – Thanks machi for your enquiries. Sorry mama was not in the system wen you pinged me da. Have a bad habit of leaving d system on while gng for lunch/out.

I met him @10.30AM, discussed wht has to be done. Took photocopies of book donation porms, brought post it notes. Ragha kalled his driver, told d places of d donors and asked for d best route dat can b taken and it bkame 11.00AM. Then I said machi kall d donors first and ask them if we shall kome 2 deir home now, lets not suddenly go and stand b4 them and give shock. Accordingly ragha started kalling all d donors. Sme kept on ringing and sme gave the answer…….d number u r trying to reach is currently switched offf…….rahav looked at me and said mappu vechitangada appu……!! It bkame 12.00AM and we never moved frm dat place….have 2 tell u it was a Ena koduma sir idhu moment 4 me.

Yein kadhal solla neram illai….!!!!!

A lover meets his love after a year long gap. And he has only few minutes to
meet her and speak with her. Itz here d poem unfolds

As my eyes saw her eyes,

I realized the cruelty of time.

I had only minutes to look at  her,

despite me meeting her after a year.

A year long story of love,

A year long story of hate,

A year long story of frustration,

A year long story of desperation,

had to be told,

But I had only minutes to speak with her,

despite me meeting her after a year.

I realized the cruelty of time.

Minutes running away,

The killer Silence had its way,

breaking minutes into seconds,

And I had no other way,

to speak my heart away.

I realized the cruelty of time.

When seconds broke into milliseconds,

a sense of anger broke in my heart,

increasing the courage of my heart,

I pulled her towards me,

And took my mouth nearer to her mouth,

and kissed her for the rest of the time.

Telling away my

year long story of desperation,

year long story of frustration,

year long story of love,

just in milliseconds.

O!!! dear time,

You have got beaten,

got beaten,

by my love!!!


Swarg – Chennai Book Drive

I along with Raghav and many others are organizing Chennai Book Drive for Swarg. An initiative to collect old books from kind hearted people like you and give it to underprivileged students. If you are willing to donate books please confirm and give your address, on june 6th sunday we would come to  your door step and collect it from you.

Also please do tweet, blog about this and tell about this to your neighbor. And also we are in need of volunteers. If you could spare for us one day it would be great.

For donating your books and volunteering you could give me a call at 98405-95557 or just mail to


I for Idea-Camp

Wen I completed my 12th std I was gerching for some out-of-the box course to padichify. I did not have aim , I did not have marks , I did not have interest to join engineering. I gerched for a unique course 2 study. But didnt get proper information and utterly butterly failed in it. Choo Had to make a move onto ENGINEERING…………..making ma life a holy sHiT. Later , wen I developed ma entrepreneurial dreamz I thought of this problem I faced and wanted to give a solution to it. My IDEA was2 Cme up with a book of courses highlighting pain points and benefits of a particular industry/course and d best colleges for dat course. Maybe a website would be really good but I thought students in rural areas may find it difficult to access it so zeroed down on books. Guess to whom I told this IDEA. To ma prends. Not to all but a pew prends. They said like “machi idhu sappa machi nambo pana edhavadu perusa pananum. Idhu kollanda pasanga panradhu”. Apram…….ena achu…..we tried to touch d sky….rest u guess……’ aaaniye pudunga vandam’ situation dhan.

My Idea 2 :

There a lot of  sexy, dreamy, masterful, dazzling, alluring and enticing products made by rural artisans. But they r damped by marketing skills. Middle man take these people for a ride. And slowly and steadily rural artisans are disappearing into thin air. So here my idea was2 procure all products under 1 single umberla brand and sell the prodcuts through online. Dis idea I told to ma parents. “Idhu elam pana mudiathu, Internet la rombo emathuvanga…..indhu elam nee panida mate” was an adorable reply I got.

My Idea 3 :

To bring in ICT into education. Here the idea is to develop multimedia content for educational purposes and sell it to schools. This wath ma idea which I put together for Genesis Business Plan competition. Dis idea did not make d kut and I never told dis to any1.

My Idea 4 :

Books cost a lot because of the royalty that need to be paid to the authors. Now instead having a book written by one author if it is crowdsourced the cost would reduce a lot. To do that you need to build a community of writers through online and encourage them to write. Again an idea which I never disclosed.

After all ma ideas went into thin air. A strange bayam crippled me off. Many many of ma uncles and aunts would come and say dis “Idha idea enaku 25 yeras munadi ye irundhichi ana enala pana mudiyala. Na matum adha pani irundhe na inaki naa irukkura level ye vera ya irukum”.

In ma journey of generating ideas I always wanted some listening ears that would listen and help me out to come up with a better plan. But…all I got was unlistening ears, kallachifying tongues and brains that r always under d assumption doing business is bad.

But nOw a kutty rAy of hope has come…………………………………………………..

Idea-Camp :

Itz  an event which gives platform to all d people who got ideas to present it b4 listening ears, encouraging tongues and empathetical brains. Thanks 2 The Knowledge Foundation for organizing dis and a big thanks to nambi bcause it is his idea that turned out to become IdeaCamp. The vision of Ideacamp is to enrich ideas and take it to the next level. You come in with half baked idea and go out with enriched one. I personally look forward to ideacamp to take ma idea of roof top farming in2 next level. Also I kick ma brain and say to myself dont be selfish. Listen to others ideas first, help them to get their ideas enriched. Well…I think this would be right way 2 be der in IdeaCamp. Syed, Sukumar, Ram, Nambi and many others have toiled hard to put up idea-camp. Ma heart felt dhanks to them.

Looking forward for a rocking Idea-Camp.