Need for Open Government

Today our country has billion challenges ahead of us. The era of one Government  solving all those is over, now it requires billion YOUNG MINDS. Thanks to new age technologies. It has sparked the creativity and innovative abilities in common man to solve the challenges. Today the number of amateur innovations i.e. ideas coming from outside traditional walls is increasing. Today people with the passion of ‘DIY innovator’ are blessed with exponential technology and capital of techno philanthropist. This has now enabled them to create new products/service that make paradigm shift which once was done only by big companies or Government. But, still our country has one major stumbling block for our young minds to innovate – GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS (coupled with state govt regulations).

 India is not only a country with a billion young minds, it is also a country with billion rules and regulations which punishes the innocent and frees up the rich and powerful aka guilty. To put things simply, India has slipped from 131 to 134 out of 179 countries in ease of doing business. And we rank even worse in easiness of starting new businesses. If technology has enabled creativity and innovative ability our rules and regulations have killed it.

 The answer to the problem cannot be SIMPLE LIBERALISATION. Because, I believe the strongest progress lies in OPEN ECONOMIES, OPEN SOCIETIES & OPEN GOVERNMENT. For this to happen two things are required

  1. Transparency
  2. Participatory



Providing Govt data or info in public domain in user friendly way creates informed citizens. This makes them control their government reducing corruption and bribery. Also transparent government allows dissemination of information which in turn produces greater knowledge and societal progress.


The next big thing is to provide opportunities for amateur innovators (common man) to participate in the governance architecture. It makes government achieve solicit expertise so that it makes policies with best of resources.

Open source technology, crowd source funding boosted innovations. To keep the exponential growth in innovation going what is requires is OPEN GOVERNMENT.