During the time of setting up of our constitution, the number of educated people in India was very few. People at that time, wanted to look up to some one who would provide them with direction, leadership and deliverance. So people who occupied the seats in assemblies became their saviors. And these people tended to gain more knowledge than the citizens as they were in leadership role. This led to the making of our politicians as Demi-Gods, larger than life,  the saviors of our society. Simply – POWERFUL PEOPLE.

Now after decades of setting up of our constitution,  what we find is that – Things have changed upside-down. How? Today, the ordinary citizens have become more intelligent, more knowledgeable than the person who happens to become MLA or MP. Isn’t it ? (Thanks to education, computer and internet. )

Henceforth, now a more important role is needed to be played by the citizens.


Citizens should work towards building up our society in a positive way. How? Like this!!

Over 1000 Coimbatore people comprising of all age groups participated in a VOLUNTARY work to rejunuvate their Periyakulam lake. Great right..?? Instead of sitting and complaining that the government is not doing anything,  people have risen up to cleanse things themselves.

FYI, Periyakulam used to be one of Coimbatore’s biggest lakes – spanning 320 acres, with a catchment area of 63 sq km — but it was gradually asphyxiated by water hyacinth, raw sewage and garbage till it became mere shimmers of water in a sprawling, muddy area, with orange specks interrupting the brown expanse. They hope to have the lake de-silted in four weeks time.

Similarly in Chennai, our own Chennai Trekking Club organized Chennai Coastal clean up. As much as 5000 people participated. More than 36.7 tonne of garbage was cleared out. Marina, Santhome, Besant Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur, Kottivakkam, Palavakkam, Neelankarai, Injambakkam, Akkarai, Panaiyur and Kovalam got a CLEAN SWEEP.

Ok. Now. This is all what I wanted to say – We as EDUCATED citizens of this COUNTRY should take up responsibilities to solve our civic issues and tackle global challenges. Instead of sitting and complaining that the government is not functioning well..blah…blah..blah!! Agreed??

Worse would to do something like this – BANDH,  ROKO for no reason.(Let communists and other political parties do so. For they lack vision and audacity to solve problems on their own).


This is a new movement – CITIZENS AWAKENING.


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