Customer Centered Selling 3

Always have the customers decision cycle in mind. The process of persuasion can be extremely powerful tool.

Selling is taking an idea, planting that idea in your customer and making them believe that they thought of it.

Salesman ship is essentially the selling of ones point of view – the ability to start with other fellow point of view and to lead view and to lead his mind to the view point of the seller.

The selling cycle has the following steps.

1) Research Stage.

2) Analysis Stage

3) Confirmation stage

4) Requirement stage

5) Specification Stage

6) Solution stage

7) Close stage

8) Maintenance stage


Taking time to understand about the customers world is not just good business. It is essential to do business today.

Here, the first thing to ensure is to find out of the person with whom you are taking is the person who makes the decision. Asking like, Who besides you make decision for purchase..?

After colliding at the right person, ensure you make the customer to speak more. That is the only way to win trust. So ask question like

Tell me how your office works..??

Then never ask customers if the are facing any problems explicitly. Since, people knowing that you are coming to sale they dodege you around. The way to ask would

What are the challenges you are facing?

Then play to your strengths. Say if you’re company is strong in services..ask a question like How often the machine is serviced?

At the end of the conversation always ask.. ‘Anything Else??’


Always remember,

Customers do not fix problems, they fix big problems

You need to probe into the customers mind and make him tell his problems that he has with current system/product. There are three probes

1. Identify probe. 2. Development probe 3. Impact probe.


– What kind of difficulties are faced in Services?


– How are you managing this?

– What does your employee say??

– Who else is affected


– How does it affect your over all business


Ask here itself if the customer is willing to CHANGE. There is no point in explaining things to a customer who is not willing to change anyway i.e the customer not in the need to buy what you sell.


– List down the needs said by the customer and prioritize it.


Say if the customer has said that he needs better services. Ask him how does he define better services as?


Put your product knowledge to display


– Ask for payment


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