Customer Centered Selling – Part II

Because of the wrong training sales people  talk way too much and listen way too little. In the name of training sales people are put through information and more information about products and are then asked to vomit all those in front of a customer. There could be no deadly sin than this in sales.

To give you an example, a sales guy called me for selling a ticket for a event. He asked my name and went rattling about the event. He said what the event is about, who is going to come, how big it is going to be and blah blah blah…never did he ask me if this event would be of any interest to me. After completing all his rattling about the event, he simply asked how many tickets I would need. I coolly said, I need none. No wonder why most sales people fail.

In Customer Based Selling you are taught to PERSUADE customers from moving from one decision point to another and persuade them into buying. This happens with the important point that Customer do not make decisions based on needs. They make decisions based on problems.

In Customer Based Selling first we need to realize where the customer is based on the Decision Point.

For example, consider the following statements with respect to buying a mobile.

  • a) You feel its perfect.
  • b) You feel its perfect but not good enough
  • c) Fed up. But still willing to put up with it.
  • d) Actively looking for new ones.
  • e) TREAT – Brought a new.

As you see, it is easy to sell to the customer who is in ‘d’ stage. And it would be very difficult to sell to a customer who is in ‘a’ stage. But the issue is only 20% of the customers would be in ‘d’ stage. And if you are a sales man who is only in order-taking mode then you end up in Price-war.

On the other hand influencing the other 80% of the customers who are not in mood of buying but persuading them step by step opens up a new world of opportunities.

The ways to Persuade the customer, will be said in the next post.


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