You should not wear that. You should not show those. You should not enter bar. You shouldn’t come out. You should not dance. You should not move with men at night. You should confine yourself indoors at night. You should not do that. You should not be that. You should not say that. You should not be over men you should be under them. If you dont comply by these standards ye shall be named as a BITCH and you will be beaten black and blue. And even gang raped. Reason : NOT OUR CULTURE.

Animales under the coat of religion and culture beat, threaten, demoralize our women . Girls are strippen off their basic freedom and have to comply themselves to the rules and regulations of Animales. This culture of our’s – MORAL POLICING is the real cause of the heinous delhi gang rape incident. The pillars of our democracy the police, the judiciary and the parliament have given a deaf ear and a blind eye to this terrorism called as MORAL POLICING.

Every time when feb 14 nears girls are beaten, coaxed, threatened out. Reason being LOVE. As per them it is western culture and not our culture. Why not even a political leader went on record saying rapes only occur in cities where modern culture is practiced and rapes don’t occur in villages. When such things come from our politicians, it is really really worse.

Its high time our govt realizes that MORAL POLICING is a crime against women and the perpetrators of such crime should be be booked and punished. Severe law should be mandated to drive away this crime against women – MORAL POLICING. Political parties that directly or indirectly supports moral policing should be banned from contesting elections

Let girls be given the freedom that is right fully theirs. Let them live and let them love. Let Animaleism be conquered through love.



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