[Event] D.A.M – Design, Art, Music

Thanks to the chennai community. I did get quite a  lot of opportunities to attend various events and even organize some. This has made me to fall in love with organizing and attending events like seminars and workshops. Off late, there has been quite a lot of talks in events. Thanks to various Tedx for that. Out of the blue, D.A.M seems to stand out with lot of galla, and maja.

D.A.M – Design, Arts and Music is an event where ammalgamation of Artists, Designers and Musicians going to occur. Its simply going to be a CREATIVE FESTIVAL. Creative knowledge sharing on Heritage crafts, cultures and indeginous creative packages is all set to occur. Hands on creative activities, edufun interactive design and art, creative games, design and art exhibition and music band is all set to rock out in the event. Why not there is also a jalsa- salsa session to put giggles on your face. Why miss it??

Its happening on Jan 19th and Jan 20th in the green fields of Aroville, Pondicherry. Be at the D.A.M and do the DAM. Miss the fun at your own peril.

My friends who are interested in Design,Art and  Music, ensure you dont miss this. For more info click this




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